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A shared experience to practice and interact with others.

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to yoga. I believe that yoga should be available to everyone regardless of age, body shape and limitations. I adapt each class to suit the abilities of the participants and create a safe, non-competitive space for students to achieve deep transformation. Through gentle, flowing moves combined with breath work, mindfulness and meditation, you can benefit from a state of serenity and a renewal of energy.


Tailored, one-to-one personal tuition with me in your own home.

Perfect if you feel too self-conscious to join a class, prefer a personalised session or can’t make it to a group class.

This style of teaching allows you to make real progress as I will give you cues, alignment and feedback so you can perfect the poses and flow. It means that I can also assess your current flexibility, take into account any physical limitations and adapt to your energy levels and needs.



Support wellbeing in the workplace by bringing yoga and meditation classes to your company premises.

Corporate classes are fully accommodated to the space, adapted to the schedule and operate with the frequency that best suits the company. Classes can be that can be taken as a one-off or within one of my six-week development programmes. They will be designed so that all employees can enjoy them, regardless of their physical condition and whether they have never practised yoga or are experienced yogis.


I’ve put together and simplified for you all the learnings from several wellbeing, healing, productivity and abundance books into a programme called "From Survivor to Superstar".


This online programme is designed to help mums achieve their goals and feel more vibrant and balanced. It will be a gradual process that I've created based on my own personal experience and learnings to take you from a mode of "I can barely function" to "I'm a badass superstar woman and mother".

 The programme is a work in progress but it would make me really happy if you can support my work by registering in the link below to get access to my programme once it is ready.

Sign-up here to receive notification of when this life-changing programme is live



The benefit of joining in a workshop or retreat is the full-immersion and deep learning experience available to you from a longer session.

We can really explore topics in more detail and discuss issues from our own perspectives to allow for a shared experience. I will create a safe space for you to feel free to be yourself and to talk openly to speak your mind and enable growth.

I’ve created a wide range of workshops from ‘Yoga for Beginners’ to ‘Mindfulness and Stress Management’. These will be run as open events for individuals or can be tailored to corporate needs as private sessions.

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